Accidental travel blog

imagesMost of the travel blogs, you must have read, would tell you interesting stories about how they one day just quit their excruciating/boring corporate jobs and begin on the travel trail. While I was definitely inspired by a few of the likes of Shivya Nath (, Anita Bora (, Lakshmi Sharath (, Charu (, etc, I am not even an inch close to these backpackers! The only common thread perhaps, between all of us is that we are all women! 🙂

Coming back to the main point- I am not a traveler, I am not a backpacker, I am not a serial travel blogger. For me, this project is the first baby step- I have taken to realize my dream. The dream to first get lost in this life and then find myself once again. I believe nothing can help you do that more than traveling.

As I pen down this article, and finish 1/3 of my wellness vacation, I promise myself to travel more often- be it with family, friends, or just solo (Oh! I am so scared of that, but one day I shall!) and eventually recuperate my soul.


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