Youth Hostels: Why I am a member of it and you should be too!

One of the most important aspects of traveling is managing the cost and accommodation! While hardcore backpackers might not hesitate to even sleep on the roads, a lot of young, aspiring and women travelers particularly have a lot of concerns around safety, hygiene, cleanliness and at times comfort too! It is equally true that most of us (except luxury travelers) are worried about accommodation being heavy on their pockets.

However, if you wish to travel with relative lighter pockets and are really concerned about equally good accommodation, then you might just find your answer in Youth Hostels. Almost every country has ‘Youth Hostels’ affiliated to Hosteling International (HI). With more than a million members worldwide, HI is a not for profit federation of more than 70 national youth hostels in more than 80 countries and more than 4000 affiliated hostels globally. Source: In India, the hostel is known as Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI).

So let’s take a look at the benefits these hostels offer:

  • Avail budgeted/discounted accommodation in India and 90 countries worldwide.
  • One can participate in various adventure/educational treks and tours
  • One can voluntarily work with these hostels as camp leaders and guides. These hostels in a way foster, what is called as ‘volunteer tourism.’ Most importantly, a lot of non travelers can offer accommodation to travelers on a profit sharing basis with these hostels
  • A lot of these hostels offer  family memberships too, making group travel easy and affordable.

So, go and get your membership today!



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