“On your travel, you’ll meet real people.”

My tryst with travel begun even before I was born. I was born in a family of travel lovers and travel enthusiasts.  I have grown up listening to magical stories from my aunts, uncles, my mother who used to keep us entertained with umpteen number of people.  I always used to wonder, when would be my turn to narrate such beautiful stories.

And then that moment came.  This happened in 2012. I was traveling to Hampi- a place in Karnataka, India. The place is regarded as one of the ‘world heritage sights.’ I was coming back from a trek with a bunch of friends to the bottom of the mountain, when we decided to drink some coconut water at a vendor nearby. My husband as a travel blogger and Hampi lover was quick to strike a conversation with the lady. Since, they had a common thread- he could speak the same language- Kannada. 

She was so glad to have us over and talk to us, she said- “I will not take any money from you.” She was just not ready to take any money from us. She kept on insisting that we don’t give her money.

To be honest, now I feel a little lost, when I think of why she did not want any money from us. My travel blogger friend insisted and handed over money to her. As a reaction to it, she then trust  a bunch of bananas in my hand and said, “Here for you and your friends.”

We were baffled and smiled over it. When we got back in our car, we all started discussing about the woman’s behaviour. That’s when @Srinistuff (my then would be husband) quoted a someone,“On your travel, you’ll meet real people.”  We discussed and debated on it. He said, unlike people in cities (like us), people in these small towns might be poor, but they are content with life. They don’t have complicated needs and desires. They don’t want much in their life. They are simple, content with whatever they have and are more interested in giving.”

The incident sent me on a thinking trip… Is this true?


Originally posted as an answer on:  https://www.quora.com/Travel/What-are-some-funny-interesting-things-that-have-happened-to-you-while-traveling


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