Namaskar.. Hello.. Ola.. Guten Tag

I have a dream….. And the dream is to travel the entire world. While I am not a serious backpacker, I haven’t quit my corporate job, but I know I would find my calling soon. But till that happens,  I aim learn to something beyond the capital and currency of every country. And that is saying “hello.”


What is so special about saying a hello? It’s the begining… Begining of new travels, stories, conversations  and friendships. So here’s a list of world’s simple hellos 🙂

  1. Germany- hallo
  2. Italy- ciao
  3. Spain- !hola
  4. France- bonjour
  5. China- neih hou
  6. Ireland- hallo
  7. New Zealand (Maori) – Kia Ora
  8. Japan- koonichiwa
  9. Turkey- selam
  10. Africa- haai

So what’s your word for the day?


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