Find a friend on your travels..

I’m sure that there are a lot of people who would argue on the benefits of solo traveling. While I’m yet to pack my backpack alone somewhere, I agree that company or no company, every traveler must go on.  Even then from my personal experiences, I have figured out that when you travel with friends or families, you are certain to find a new facet of their personality. 

May be you figure, they are selfish to others, rude to others, careless about personal belongings. Or perhaps they are the world’s most socially conscious people and are environmentally more aware.  It could be your mother, father, sister, a friend, a partner… It could be anybody… I’m personally an advocate of two-some travelers that make your journey worth sharing with others. What is the point of feeling liberated, if you can’t share your freedom with someone else 🙂

So if given a chance, who’s that one person who you would ask to tag along…..





4 thoughts on “Find a friend on your travels..

  1. I love this post, and would love to share some of my travel experiences with others, but sometimes I think it’s cool to just plan on meeting people once you get to wherever you’re going. It’s like you make an instant friend who you’ll probably keep in touch with for some time. But you’re right, there are pros and cons to each side(:

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    • Hey there, you are right Madison. I am not demeaning the benefits of traveling alone. However, it’s best to decide for ourself which travel suits us the most. Having said that, I am sure I will travel solo some time too 🙂


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