#MywayonHighway- The @makemytrip contest

Breaking news for the day: I won the #MywayonHighway contest on Twitter! Yay! 🙂

Hosted by @makemytrip (India’s largest travel online company), the contest revolved around recommending some unusual places to visit, food to eat and unique things to do, in the beach land of India- Goa! To be honest,enhanced bandwidth and technology, coupled with the advent of social media has tremendously boosted the morale of human beings, particularly the travelers. Thanks to initiatives, such as these by companies like @makemytrip and a lot of other travel focused organizations, it is possible to visit and experience the world,  right on your computer desktop, or laptops or even better the smartphones. In other words, this has given rise to what we now know as ‘virtual tourism.’

So, this was my opportunity to travel Goa, virtually! Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding places and activities I came to know about, through this contest!

I ate Maggie on d roadside street stall, all varieties 🙂 its near baga beach couple of blocks away from titos

Basilica Bom of Jesus is awesome chruch go visit

You can’t miss Saturday Night Market in Arpora, Goa. Gr8 street foods & the rotisseri chicken is to die for.

: “Travelers come here hoping to witness the spirit of Lady Dona Paula who is believed to emerge..” –

How cool is that! In these tweets, you could actually discover a complete new world! ( A tip here: Whenever you play such contests, do a quick Google search on various things, places, monuments, culture and food people talk about. It’s a great way to learn and discover a lot of information about a place, you might want to visit at a later date.)

So, coming back to the contest, here are a few ideas, which I suggested. Do catch on these, whenever you are next in Goa.

  1. The Se Cathedral- The Se Cathedral located in old Goa, is Asia’s largest church. Interestingly, it is also believed to be the largest in India. The architecture style of the Se Cathedral is Portuguese-Manueline. The story goes that the construction of the church was a gesture to celebrate the victory of the Portuguese, over a Muslim army, which led to the eventual capture of Goa in 1510.

Image2. Saint Mirabai carving– Another interesting, must visit place in Goa is Saint Mirabai’s monolith chiseled single- handedly by the artist Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alavres . Sculpted in Greco-Roman style from a vast expanse of laterite stone in August 1994 at Loutolim, Goa, in a record time of 30 days, this landmark is India’s largest laterite stone carving.


  • Things to do:

1. Goa is the only state in India, with two official languages- Konkani and Marathi. So it would be great fun to learn a new language! Right?

2. The other things that one can do is the food and the drinks. Don’t forget to taste the famous Goan King’s beer. Available in a 375 ml bottle, the beer is brewed and sold only in Goa. However, due to the hustle-bustle of international brands, this home-bred beer brand of India is soon feared to go extinct. So next time, when in Goa, drown as many pints as you can before it goes extinct.

Well, those were some suggestions and recommendations from my end. But if you are considering  a trip to Goa, also read through, Makemytrip’s Flipboard guide and know more interesting things about Goa!


Happy travels! Till then, I await my goodies 🙂

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