50 things to do in Japan

As mentioned in my earlier post, the second half of the year is being contemplated for a visit to Japan. I say ‘contemplating’ because I have another distraction on my mind. “Catching a glimpse of Mount Everest.”  This confusion arises for my love to see different countries viz-a-viz @Srinistuff’s love for the mountains, especially Himalayas. “One trip to Hampi and Himalayas, every year,” he insists.

But that’s yet to be decided. Either-ways, one of them is definitely happening. While that happens, I’m going to prepare two bucket-lists (so that I can strike off all the items off the list, later during the trip.) So, here’s the first wishlist. Things that are certainly to be knocked off the wish-list during our visit to Japan (Yeah, Yeah, I will start off the two-series posts, by first putting up Japan wishlist 😉 )

  1. Take a ride in a Bullet Train
  2. Take a hike on Mount Fuji (If not till the summit, at least see it from somewhere!)
  3. Watch a sumo-wrestling match
  4. Participate in a Japanese tea-ceremony
  5. Interview one geisha for the blog
  6. And that brings to my most long-awaited wish- Meet a Geisha
  7. Dress like a Geisha and take some photos
  8. Visit the Matsumoto Castle- one of the four castles designated as “National treasures of Japan)
  9. Experience Japanese night life
  10. Sing Karoke
  11. Enjoy a Kabuki performance. Kabuki is traditional Japanese theater
  12. Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  13. Visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine (One of the most photogenic places in Japan, a shrine dedicated to god of rice and business
  14. Spend a few hours in a cafe facing the street, watching locals come and go
  15. Cycle around Tokyo
  16. Choose a drink from a high-tech touch screen vending machine
  17. Sleep in a capsule hostel (Hopefully, we have a HI membership; HI means Hosteling International. I am yet to figure if they offer any such facility)
  18. Spend the day in Kamakura to see the Giant Buddha and the city temples
  19. Watch a shinto wedding procession (Read about it, here: http://www.kanpai-japan.com/japanese-society/wedding-traditions-in-japan.html)
  20. Spend a night with Buddhist monks in Eko-in
  21. Relax at Onsen- a natural  hot spring
  22. Learn Japanese. Well somewhat, atleast a few words! 😀
  23. Watch Cherry blossoms and take some pictures with it
  24. Visit the Hachiko statue at Shibuya Crossing
  25. Take a Tokyo river cruise
  26. Cycle around Kyoto
  27. Visit a sento (Japanese bath-house)
  28. Visit 100 yen store
  29. Get a shiastu- Japanese massage
  30. Visit Ameyoko- a street bazaar
  31. Experience the traditional Tokyo Matsuri festival
  32. Ride through Takayama
  33. Take a Japanese Rail pass and see some amazing views of the country
  34. Experience the fall colours and take lots of pictures
  35. People watching in shopping streets and take lotsa pictures. See my love for photography will be realized
  36. Shop for toys! Yeah,this one’s quite odd, but there are some awesome toys I have heard
  37. Rest in a “LOVE HOTEL! :O
  38. Visit Lake Kawaguchi
  39. Check out fancy street art near Harajuku station
  40. Picthas of Swastikas at Senso-ji temple
  41. Scribble at Mejji shrine
  42. Visit Osaka Castle
  43. Vist local WWII sites in Okinawa
  44. Buy an authentic Manga-Kissa comic book
  45. See a Geisha Dance
  46. Visit the imperial palace in Tokyo
  47. Visit Tokyo Disneyland
  48. Feed a deer in Nara Park
  49. Visit Bamboo grove in Kyoto
  50. Take lotsa pitchas of Geisha (Oh, my obsession with Geisha!) ❤

So, this is my list, any other suggestions or places you think I must visit? Anything else to do? Throw me some of your ideas 🙂


9 thoughts on “50 things to do in Japan

  1. Tokyo, go to:
    1) Akihabara for the bright lights, anime stores and maid cafes. http://why-is-a-raven-like-a-writing-desk.com/2014/05/21/cosplay-gadgets-geeks-akihabara-and-maid-cafes-tokyo/
    2) Harajuku (for the punks) and Omotesando (for the fashion) down the road
    3) Roppongi for a drink
    4) a Cat Cafe
    5) The Tsukiji Fish Market – early! We went at 5 am; the sashimi is out of this world!
    6) Shibuya Crossing (you might this down though..)
    I hope you enjoy Tokyo, I certainly did.


  2. Thanks Aradhana for these tips, will surely try and catch up on many of these. The cat cafe looks quite interesting.


      • I need to fix a few things with my blog XD But I haven’t met anyone in person, I have had a short conversation with a practicing senior Maiko recently. If you want to watch Geiko dance but don’t have the money to afford an entire banquet, try going during a time where festivals and large live performances are going on. Each Hanamachi usually has at least 1 or 2 of these happening a year. If none of those are happening, I would go into Gion Kobu and find a small theater called “Gion Corner” There they practice several traditional arts including playing various instruments, different types of traditional plays, and the entire performance is finished off with a live Maiko dance. Usually there are two Maiko dancing at a time there ^^ You can also catch various Maiko and Geiko heading to their different appointments around certain areas, but I tend not to tell people exactly when and where since there’s been a problem recently with tourists crowding/stalking/touching/blocking the girls as their heading to where they need to go.


      • Wow! You have some indepth insights into the wonderful world of Geisha! Can’t wait to visit Japan!


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