Travel glass- Half full, half empty

We are here today, on May 31, 2014. If we reckon, we have already completed the first half of the year and all ready to step into the next half phase. Well, almost in 24 hours. As we do that, I feel it’s time to take a stock of what I have been doing, where I went and what all I saw.To begin with, the year started with the big bang post wedding vacation to Bali- my dream land. Fortunately for me, I had this vacation going with some company from @Srinistuff. As the year progresses, however I’m increasingly having itchy feet to take that leap of faith and plunge into the world of solo traveling. While I try to do that, I will continue my travel trail- with or without company.

Well coming back to the point, in the last six months I have been to Bali and Goa, back at home. That makes two trips- one national and international. As such, I believe that 4 trips a year should be good enough for me, at the moment. So, let’s take a look at what’s off my list, this time, half year:

Imagesea walking at Nusa Dua


Experiencing a Balinese Dance

ImageChristmas on a foreign land.


 New Years on a Bali beach


Meeting Luwak- a new animal 


 Enjoying the sea from a foreign land

And last but not the least….

1003589_10152730165839358_169043059_n                                                   Continuing the “selfie tradition” in Goa

So, this is my travel escapades, this time half year.  For the next half, I have a small trip (Hopefully, if everything falls in place. Watch this space out for more!) and an international trip to either Nepal or Japan.) Right now I am confused whether I want to watch views like this:



(Source: Google Images. First view of Everest from Namche Bazaar)

2023216-mount_fuji(Source: Google Images First view of Mount Fuji)

All in all, it’s going to be all exciting snow capped mountain, be it any place. As we approach the second half of the year, I’m gearing up myself to zero on in either of the destinations. Can you help me decide? What’s your thought?

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