Once in a lifetime, date a travel blogger

You might be wondering, why this blog post. Well, it seems, it’s nothing new to leave everything behind and go traveling the world. Well, if you are doing that, brilliant. If you intend to that, good decision. Travel does change your life and perceptions about people around. It does put an end to your narrow-mindedness, your bigotry and  hypocrisy. While we have read and hear a lot about traveling can change the very core of a human being, I think there’s a lot that can happen before your travels. And what is that, you might ask.

Well, here’s my offer- Date a travel blogger. I did too, and here’s why I recommend you should too. 🙂

If you date a travel blogger:

  1. They know capitals of each and every country, almost, always!
  2. Nothing can be ever naturally pretty. Everything has to be photo-shopped
  3. You’ll never get to enjoy freshly cooked meals because they’ll spend 15 minutes taking 20 variations of the same dish for their ‘Instagram’
  4. They will always get you discounts to every place, every cafe, every restaurant and buy cheapest tickets to anywhere
  5. Whatever bag they carry, you’ll always find some accessory, map of some island, a Lonely Planet or Tibetian prayer flags
  6. They are taking pictures everywhere always, even if they are traveling to a family function or client office, they’ll find a funny hoarding or a beautiful scenery
  7. They are always tweeting and writing about exotic places
  8. On your date, they’ll tell you “stories” about their travel escapades. Nothing else makes up for a conversation.
  9. If you try to impress them by talking about your sweet little vacation, they’ll tell you 10,000 facts about the place, you even haven’t heard of
  10. They talk about leading a ‘minimalist life.’
  11. You’ll be forced to climb the world’s highest mountains and peaks, even if you have acrophobia.
  12. They listen to music, you have never heard of
  13. You’ll find yourself traveling or talking with a lot of strangers, because, boss, he can initiate the most interesting conversations with any top on the road.
  14. He’ll know more than 3 languages at any given point in time
  15. He will kid you for not traveling alone
  16. On his Facebook profile, you will find surreal places, you thought, would never exist
  17. They want to save the world only with a travel blog
  18. On a dinner date, they’re talking about some fantastic travel movies and you’ll find yourself googling “What the hell is this movie?”
  19. The only consistent thought you’ll ever hear of them- ” I travel for passion. I don’t want to make money.”
  20. You’ll always find yourself at the most beautiful places with them
  21. They always know how to fix something- broken souvenirs, leaking taps, hot summers, burnt food
  22. They like looking at weird things and people in general
  23. They’ll always bitch about people who carry huge suitcases on travels
  24. You’ll be envious of their hot girl pals and sexy boy pals of different nationalities, whom they meet on each of their travel
  25. They want to quit their life and go live their lives somewhere exotic, mostly Himalayas!


                      You’ll always find yourself amidst the most stunning places on the earth   

 (Image source: Travelfreak.com)

Go ahead, and try it 😉

5 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime, date a travel blogger

  1. I was giggling as I read thru your post. So true and equally funny! The more I read your posts, the more I m falling in love with the natural flow of words in your writing 🙂 Keep rocking.


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