Travel movies for some inspiration

There comes a moment in every traveler’s life- when he/she doesn’t…. well, travel! Right. You read it right. There will be times when travelers don’t travel. Reasons could vary from sickness, family, work or just that- traveler’s block. At such times, you feel frustrated or just don’t feel upto it. You doubt every grain of your life. I do feel the same. Perhaps, this is the phase, I am going through now.

So, here’s what I am doing currently. Piling CDs and downloads of the following movies. Come on, go and read the list. And get some travel inspiration for your next voyage:

  • The Bucket List:This movie is one of my most favorite. Recently, I watched this movie and felt awe-struck. The movie is about tow terminally ill, cancer struck patients, who whisper ‘Bon-voyage’ to each other, in a bid to strike items of their ‘bucket-list’, before they die.


  • The Way– Woah! This one should have perhaps figured first in my list. The movie revolves around a father, who is on a mission to deposit ashes of his late son on the way to ‘El Camino de Santiago’ pilgrimage. On his pilgrimage, he finds out the meaning of ‘The Way.’


  • Eight Below: This one’s a must watch, for its popularity as a ‘real event.’ The story goes that- long time ago, brutal cold forces of Antarctic force two explorers to leave their team of sledge dogs behind as they fight for their own survival. What follows next is a heart-wrenching story of relationship between dogs, humans and nature.


  • Lost in Translation:This 2003 release, is an amazing story of two unlikely travelers. A faded movie star and a neglected housewife cross paths in Tokyo, form an unusual love bond, while loosing themselves in ‘translation.’



  • Seven Years in Tibet: Another true story projected beautifully on celluloid. The movie is based on the life of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountaineer, who becomes friend with the Dalai Lama, during China’s takeover of Tibet. Want to view the picturesque  Himalayas? Go for it!


  • The Darjeeling Limited:3 brothers travel to India, after a year of their father’s funeral, to take back their estranged mother. On their journey, they learn about life, spirituality and everything in between.



  • One Day in Europe:This is an eerily funny movie. The plot revolves around visitors of different countries in Europe. Divided into several short films, these stories involve a theft and the following challenges these travelers face,arising out of language barriers in a foreign land. With sympathetic mockery a small share of each of the different cultures is highlighted. The film uses characteristics typically attributed to the countries and weaves numerous funny events around, without becoming stereotypical.


So go on and enjoy each of these movies, with a cuppa of hot chocolate!

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