Celebrating New Years on a rainy day

1535440_10152172426625152_446712671_n 1551567_10152172426920152_1523487121_nCelebrating New Years on a rainy day

It was a sick day. Meaning, I was on the first day of my ‘honeymoon’, ahem, in my dream location – Bali. After all the hustle-bustle of the traditional Hindu wedding and a long 12-15 hour strenuous flight, my body had given up. Interestingly, my land of dreams had decided to play a little dodgy with me. It had started raining.

But nothing deterred the mind and soul. Here, on the eve of 31st December 2013, I decided to give the flu a lesson and pulled out @Srinistuff on the beach of Seminyak. We watched and welcomed the new year, mesmerized by the fact that we had won a brownie point with our ‘travel destiny’- “Witness a new year celebration on a foreign land.’

With all pomp and grandeur 🙂

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