Traveling India in rains

India is a vast country in its topography, diversity and its divergent cultures. Off course, the same applies to the seasons the country experiences each year. To begin with India’s seasons can be mainly divided into- Summer (the dry and hot time), Rainy (better to call it downpour season) and Winter (dry again, but cold.) If you ask people here, particularly people in coastal areas, they would prefer winters (safety from humid conditions during summers and dangers of Tsunami during rains!).

I personally prefer the rains! More so, traveling in rains.To be honest, traveling in the rainy season, could leave you gloomy at first. It happened to me too. Muddy trails, knee-length water on the roads, transportation woes can discourage you from travel in monsoons. But if you ignore the petty challenges, what you could see and experience would be worth all the effort!

rains‘Green’ is the colour of the season, when the backyard of your own house teases you for an advennture

In rains, India boasts of green lush meadows and is a haven for animal enthusiasts. Contrary to human perception that rains puts all life on hold, one can see a wealth of nature in abundance. Sure, there will be mold sprouting out, the sunshine will play peek-a-boo with you and you’ll feel wet most of the day, but if you dare to venture out enough, you’ll be a guest to the ultimate nature fantasy.

raain goa

Goa in rains- An apt opportunity to escape the ‘touristy’ crowds. Have the beaches to your own 

Kerala, rains, majestic views, sleepy life

Take a route through sleepy villages of Kerala 


Ride a Yak, up north in Himachal Pradesh 

So, it’s time to go out and get drenched! 🙂


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