Up in the air

I have to tell you something- I am scared. Tell me something new, and I am scared. If you dare me to do something, I will cocoon. Eventually I might end up doing it. But my first reaction, would be jerking you off. Even if I prep myself emotionally and physically, I will take millions of light years to let go off some of my steam. Thailand was one such experience. Though I visited Thailand with my family, I still believe, the trip was me coming off age. In true sense, it was my tryst with ‘adventure.’

Shedding many inhibitions, this was the first time, I enjoyed doing a lot of activities, which I would usually avoid. And one of them was Para sailing! Off course, the credit goes to my mother, who threatened my complete existence with a successful para sailing attempt, twice- if I may point out. Her attitude to let go and enjoy world’s pleasures even in the dawn of her life made me cringe. Let me add, she is a diabetic and blood pressure patient too! But nothing stopped her, as if making a mockery of the so called ‘young but too scared to live life’ girl like me. On the other hand, there was my dad. HE DID NOT DO IT. He couldn’t! He thought it was ‘plain ridiculous’ or may be ‘he did not feel upto it.’ I will never know. He though took pleasure in the fact that my mom was doing it. He was PROUD of her. Well why shouldn’t he be! My mother is definitely an inspiration!

This made us- my brother and I to take a decision- “Let’s do it.’ Meanwhile, there was a long queue of adventure junkies before us- who were all ready to have a time of their lives. In between all, there was a sudden chaos- a girl fell in the Sea and tumbled. Thankfully, they rescued her. I started to shiver in my body. “I didn’t even know swimming. I am going to die today.” I mumbled to myself, but too egoistic to say it aloud in front of my adventurous brother and mother!

Eventually, it was my turn. I held my breathe. My mom, sensing my fears proclaimed- “You are going to feel like a bird- free, flying in the sky.” And whoa! I did. I para-sailed and I felt like a bird- free from all the restrictions and boundaries of life. ‘Up in the air- my first adventure felt liberating.’  I was flying away like a bird, next to the blue sky, above the deep turquoise waters, away from all the world materialistic cures. Up in the air- it was so unshackling from all the usual chain of thoughts that keep running through our minds. Up in the air, I realized, how minute are the things we recognize as ‘problems’ (reference to the people down on the ground, who appeared as teeny-weeny organisms.)

Up in the air- I felt worry-free, and yet a fear thumped my heart, thronged my head- “what if the para- sail tears apart?”  “What if I hit a bird?”  “What if I fall into the water?”

For the first time, “Up in the air”, my first adventure showed me the true nature of human beings-

“We are scared, yet we take pleasure in indulging our fears. Because, that’s the adventure called- life.”

parasailing in Thailand, coral island

Readying to take- off

Parasailing, Coral-Island, Thailand

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…No! It’s me!

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