Goa: A Balinese’s Dream

“On our journeys we meet real people”- Yes indeed we do! On our trip to Bali, I met one such real woman. This woman lives in Seminyak, Bali. She works in Seminyak on the beach selling people ‘lucky threads.’ As I stepped onto the beach with @Srinistuff, the woman approached me. Realizing the dark colored henna on my hands, courtesy my wedding last evening 😉

She wanted to tie those ‘lucky beads’ around my hand. When I politely refused, she asked me – “You, India?” I smiled. And then what she told me next surprised me. She has a daughter, living in India. She works in Goa in some hotel and that’s why her dream is to visit Goa one day. As she left us, trying to sell those “lucky beads” to other people on the beach, I wondered.

“We dream of traveling to dream destinations, while our backyard is somebody else’s travel destination.”


A pink hat on head, wearing tattered jeans, she looked worn out. Her spirit indomitable though

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