2 Months, 2000+ friends.. Not without you!

17 May, 2014, I remember the day so vividly in my mind. The day this blog was born! The very second post, I wrote here (https://feetonthemap.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/accidental-travel-blog/) was the story of how this little venture of mine came into existence- out of force, out of stress, out of a sabbatical! And now as I look back, it is time to go back to work. But not without a sense of purpose, a sense of freedom and a sense of relief. From what it feels, I think, I have figured the plan out….

And this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Yes, you- who has been reading my blog, sharing feedback on my writing, providing continuing support and encouragement, for liking and sharing my posts, for those wonderful travel stories of yours, which inspired me to travel more. Yes, this post is for you- whoever you are, wherever you are, reading this and smiling, telling yourself how one more person has been bitten by the travel bug for life.

This blog couldn’t have made to the 2000 fan club, without you!

A new leaf:

As the month of June winds up, and I walk towards the corporate doors once again, I am happy to share a news with you. I have recently bagged a travel writing assignment, plus been  invited by a heritage hotel to work for them in the next couple of days. Together with a new focus, I am embarking on a new journey that would help me chart the future course of my life and help me share more and more awesome stories with you….

Until then….

travel, travel blogging, inspiration, travel writing

Miles to go….

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