I am not done.. NOT YET!

I am just back at work today. My first day at work and I am already thinking of where should I go next! Surely, the wanderlust has caught on me and is not letting me go off so easily. Well coming back to topic, I feel a little underwhelmed. Not that I am unhappy with my current job. In fact, I have planned and envisioned every detail of my current job. But still, it seems life is devoid of something. I feel restless and my feet are itchy! Then again- there are people all around me- I see them quitting their jobs and traveling. They are selling all their owned items and living up their corporate jobs to volunteer somewhere abroad. I have people around me, actually only one @srinistuff, who wants us to live the life of a nomad someday. I agree too, with him. But I certainly don’t feel ready. If you follow #TTOT on Twitter, you’ll get streams of travelers, travel bloggers and veteran nomads, whose voice will thud in tandem- “There is no right time. The time is now.” Well- may be. But for now- I seem to be inclined more towards, what Thomas Edison once famously quoted.

” There is time for everything.”

So far now, I am going to continue my job. But I haven’t given up on my dream. I have decided to juggle between two balls- love for my job and love for my travel. Well it can be done easily. If I do simple math here, this is how it’s going to look:

Weekends in a year   – 52*2 (Saturdays and Sundays)
Number of public Holidays       – 12
Number of Leaves at work       – 25
Total                                        – 141
Now- 136 chances of traveling, 136 days of living the dream. And the remaining days- I live the life to continue gaining the experience of what the corporate life holds for me. After all for a seeker, every day is learning, every moment is learning! Why shy away from living every bit of what the world sends out our way? Is it bravery? Am I coward? Well may be or may be. All I feel is I am not done.. NOT YET!
P.S- I am just back from a weekend wildlife safari and I am planning my next weekend getaway! After all, where there’s a will, there’s a way 🙂
nature, I am not done.. NOT YET, Feet on the map

After all, nature teaches us, there’s time for everything, every season


2 thoughts on “I am not done.. NOT YET!

  1. Good attitude! Seeing 136 days (more or less) makes everything seem a little more hopeful- that’s 1/3 of the year! (:


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