Namaste from Jungles of India

I have always been a laid-back person and it has thoroughly seeped into my travel habits. Adventure, excitement are not really the words that define my style of traveling. Therefore, when I was persuaded by @srinistuff for a trip deep inside a jungle, I was apprehensive. But, when the proposition turned into an opportunity to review a beautiful jungle property, I was alive. It meant good stay, yummy food and new photography subjects. I at once, jumped at the opportunity and both @srinistuff and I were on our way to Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh in India.

Leaving you with postcard moments of our recent visit to Pench National Park.

Feet on the map

A collage of my favorite moments in the Jungle


The eerie silence


The Ultimate joy

A special Note:  This trip into the wild was possible, on the invitation of WelcomHeritage, a joint venture between ITC Ltd and Jodhana Heritage that represents some of the best traditions of heritage hospitality and tourism in India. It offer’s over 40 exclusive heritage destinations, ranging from grand palaces to traditional havelis and magnificent forts; quiet nature resorts in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh & Goa. In Pench, we stayed at WelcomHeritage’s Jungle Home.

2 thoughts on “Namaste from Jungles of India

    • Thanks for your appreciation Aneesa. Glad to know that you are headed to India. India is home to so much of natural beauty and historic significance, I am sure, you’ll have one memorable time! When are you headed here?


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