The not so rosy side of life

My last travel was to Dudhsagar (Sea of Milk) waterfalls, in the month of July. Post that, I plunged into my first solo sojourns to a village interiors of Maharashtra and on the borders of Gujarat state in India. I wouldn’t really call it a travel, as it was just a weekend escape. It’s been closer to a month that I am cooling my heels off in the four walls of my home. And to be quite honest, it’s been upsetting me.

I have a trip planned to Coorg, or what is popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India’, this weekend. If all goes well, before you know it, I would be off on a flight to this coffee state. Unfortunately, my friends have got some last minute work challenges and  my budget’s on a toss, if even one of them cancels the trip. To top it over all, my own health has put me in a corner, posing a question mark to all that’s on mind. To keep my mind busy with something productive, I started researching online about various travel opportunities that could present themselves to me. I came across a volunteering opportunity at Norway Hosteling International. The opportunity would allow me to volunteer at the hostels across the country for about six weeks to six months.from 6

At such times, I can’t help wonder whether what we do, the way we live makes any sense. It’s one of those days, when I can’t help but feel gloomy, chained by own thoughts. What’s the need of restricting myself to my cubicle, while I know that life is waiting to happen somewhere else.  Are we missing on something more beautiful, because we are stuck with something less meaningful?

Is it time about, that I took the next step in my dream to lead the perfect nomadic life?

Feet on the map

Life happens at the end of your comfort zone?

Singing off, in the wake of realizing that perhaps all is not lost. And maybe I am just on my way to my very next adventure….

Image courtesy– Kapil Madaan

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