Discovering the wild side of Coorg

Feet on the map, Coorg, Deepika, Coffee plantations

Coorg or Kodagu is a land of nature. Coffee and spice plantations abound. So much, that they have become an integral part of Coorg’s identity. Ensconced in the Western Ghats of the Southern India, this mass of land is sprawled with wild beauty all over. Just like any other tourist visiting Coorg, when I set out, I had set beliefs and pre-conceived notions of what to expect in this traditional land of warriors. “Sweetness of Honey, scent of spices and a whiff of Coffee’, not to miss madam,” the locals kept telling me. 

But what remains untold and obviously the tourists therefore remain oblivious of is that, Coorg is full of flowers, blooming and beautiful- right from the usual marigolds, to roses, to lilies, and hundreds of unknown flowers, trees, plantations to people like us- the city dwellers. There are natural gems everywhere. The flora and foliage might not reflect the valley of flowers up in North, but it definitely catches your attention, everywhere you set your eyes. Having said that, it’s obviously appreciable that the natural sanctity and beauty of the place remains unscathed. After a long bout of continuing sickness for me, it was almost therapeutic to  drive through streets and alleys of Coorg and follow the nature trails, till wherever your happy feet can take you. While I couldn’t recognize many of the wonderful plantations, Coorg also houses a lot of common flowers, albeit of a different nature I discovered. Here are some gems from the trip:

Flowers, Coorg, Feet on the map

Feet on the map, Coorg


IMG_1832IMG_1871IMG_1825IMG_1846 IMG_1830IMG_1843IMG_1889Feet on the map, CoorgHave you explored this side of Coorg yet? What are your thoughts?


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