Tranquillity and romance have a new address


Feet on the map, Golven Beach resort, Vengurla

 Picture courtesy- Golven Beach Resort

Eyes can be deceptive! When I first browsed the website of Golven Beach Resort, I was sceptical. Yes, the idea of camping on the beach was alluring. But it looked like mini-Goa! I was in no mood to entertain even the thought of it. On various occasions, I have been to Goa and now I am tired of its dirty waters, crowded shacks and touristy aura. So when  Golven Beach Resort, extended their hospitality to us and invited her to experience their stay, I did not at once jump at the opportunity. But it was a long weekend and we could not afford staying in the four walls of our home.  Without much ado, off we went!

We landed in Kudal, a small town on Konkan coast of Maharashtra on a Friday. Post a tedious bus journey from Mumbai to Kudal, we decided to hop on to an auto and ride our way to the resort in Vengurla. Finding our way, was off course very easy. When we reached the spot, I was taken aback. Our own eyes can be so deceptive, I thought. Yes, the resort looked  as it is on the website. But in person, it looked much more exciting. And the proposition of having a non-crowded, virtually private beach to our own, was seduction at its best!

As soon as we entered the premises, the friendly resort staff guided us to our mini home for the next couple of days. The property consists of 10 cottage-tents, overlooking the crystal clear, emerald coloured virgin waters. Getting up for the next two days every morning and seeing the beach right in front of my eyes- ah, a dream come true for a beach lover like me! The cottages are air-conditioned and self-sufficiently equipped with a double bed for two people, a clean shelf, beautifully placed room lamps, clean bathrooms. We were then greeted with the very popular welcome drink in the region-  “kokam shorbet.”

Kokam, Vengurla, Golven Beach resort

The coolest drink ever. Tackles all your acidity and heat problems! 🙂

Once we freshened up, the pristine beach awaited us. We then spent some time exploring the resort, speaking to the staff, muttering to our selves… “how had this tiny little beach hamlet has escaped everyone’s attention till date?” 

Golven Beach resort, Vengurla, Feet on the map

The views we woke up to every morning!

Mani sir, the manager at the resort and Nilam Kadam, the marketing manager agreed that people had indeed escaped exploring this last beach town of Maharashtra, and the reason being none other than Goa! Goa is closer to Vengurla and therefore people prefer escaping to its more popular counterpart. Also lack of cheap booze and amenities make Vengurla an expensive affair. However, in the recent past, people and Europeans in particular have discovered this quaint little beach village and now prefer to holiday in this lesser known heaven. Lack of human resource, perhaps is also another reason why the boom of hospitality in this little town is sparse.


Get transported to another world

Apart from the 10 cottages, the property boasts of a slick, romantically set open air restaurant. Even though we saw a couple of families living at the resort, personally, I felt that this is definitely a must visit for couples who are looking to spend some tranquil and romantic time. This is the place to rekindle the lost love, thanks to our busy and hectic lives.


Let’s have a romantic date, shall we? 😉


The self-sufficient rooms at the resort

All in all, a visit to the Golven Beach Resort, resolved all my “Goa problems.” The next time, I want a beach vacation, away from the crowds and the black sea, I am off to Vengurla’s beach town. What will you do? Will you come of with me to surf this pristine pearl’s wave or two? 🙂

Special Note: Our trip to Vengurla was possible thanks to the invitation and hospitality extended by Golven Beach Resort.  Situated bang in the center of Bagayati or Vengurla beach, Golven Beach Resorts offer 10 self-contained AC cottages with an open-deck restaurant open air conference hall and provision for beach camping since December 2013. Owing its roots to the French, the resort is named as  a tribute to the white sand beaches in the area. Our accommodation and  food was sponsored by them on this trip. A special mention of their lovely staff for extending their warm hospitality to us. 

2 thoughts on “Tranquillity and romance have a new address

  1. Sagareshwar Beach – fourth image from top?
    I was there driving from Goa. A quiet beach for sure.
    Vengurla Point is nearby and the lighthouse. Correct?


    • Yes, Tushar.. you are right! It’s the lighthouse indeed. And Sagareshwar beach is in Shiroda. This one’s called Bagayati.


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