Traveling sick

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If you have been reading my stories and following my blog very early, you’ll know the genesis of the blog- a eureka moment during my bout of sickness in the beginning of this year. I decided to start my blog and document all my travels past, present, future as a keep piece. Since the blog’s started, I will be honest, I have had quite a few trips under my belt. And if I have to be brutally honest, I have never really travelled so much, before I started documenting my journeys. And well, all through these trips, I have been sick 😦

I have another trip planned in November to the lost paradise of India- Sikkim! And as we usher in this month, I am having a serious bout of infections. And we are just 10 days away from the our trip. I have fever and  am coughing badly. I really don’t want to cancel this trip. Just hoping to get back to normalcy before I hit the road again!

Wish me luck 🙂

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