The 2015 dream

Time just flies. We are already 5 days into the New Year and now have only 360 days to achieve our goals, fulfil our dreams and tick off items from our wishlist. And oh, wait! We have only 360 days to achieve our greatest travel victory. While the year 2014, will always remain special, since I got serious with some travel and started my own travel blog. But, I can definitely say that 2015 will be more exciting. I plan to loosen down on some of my travelling. I want to slow down and I am reducing the number of trips I am taking this year. But that’s because I want to achieve ONE major goal. Honestly, I am against this “Make a wishlist” thing. So, I genuinely don’t feel the need to make any bucket-list to fulfil my goals. Because this world is way too beautiful to start creating bucket-lists and then tick ‘”the things to do.”

In my lifetime, I intend to SEE THE WHOLE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES. But for this year, I stick to see this beautiful canvas through my own eyes. Any guesses, where I am headed? 🙂

Feet on the map, Deepika, Har Ki doon


(Image source: Google)

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