2014 in Photos

I believe I arrived as a person in 2014. I put a pen , or in this case, my keyboard to my thoughts. I pulled up all my travel memories in a string and I decided to call it Feet on the map. I have always believed that the written word and  images together turn out to be a more potent than any other communication tool. While  I am not necessarily a champion at both, I have throughout this year,tried to reorient myself with the basics of both. As we progress through 2015, I intend to work hard on both. On my words, I promise to get acquainted with new words and tighten my editing a lot more than what I currently work on. On the images, I would try to focus more on the subject, learn more about composition and handle the camera better. I also want to take a plunge in commercial photography and work towards getting the camera settings right more than post processing of the images.

Here’s a glimpse of my best photos this year! I hope they serve as measurement metrics for me in the coming years.



Flowers, flowers and more flowers- that’s what Coorg has to offer.






This clearly is my most loved snap of the year. The beautiful azure waters of Teesta River in Sikkim.




The large Himalayan glacial lakes- first in my lifetime




The eerie Jungle of Pench. The way of wild is perhaps the most beautiful.

Pench- Enjoy the eerie silence of the jungles, Feet on the map


Kitties, oh Kitties

This pompous kitty of Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim stole my heart.

Feet on the map, Sikkim, Cat



The interiors of a country offer tremendous opportunities to capture some of the best snaps! Although, the lighting remains a challenge.

Feet on the map



Mountains are perhaps the best subjects to learn a thing or two about photo composition

Sikkim, mountains, Feet on the map


Gurudongmar Lake

We also stopped at Gurudongmar Lake at 17100 feet in the Eastern Himalayas. One of the best snaps! Agree?

Feet on the map

 I have many of the photographs which perhaps have not made it to the list. So I will continue to update the article for some time. Meanwhile, your feedback is welcome. What do you think of my photography skills? 🙂

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