Tumbling down solo

Feet on the map, Gokarna, Palolem, Deepika, Kurumgad

Going independent

As I sit to write this piece on my blog, I am surrounded by an eternity of silence. There are sounds pumping my home all around. The TV set in my living room is blazing all guns about US President Barack Obama’s visit to India this Republic Day, my backpack scattered with my clothes  all around, my hair  unkempt and my mind numbed! I can’t simply get over what I did for the last 4 days.

Yes! I finally took the leap of faith. I travelled solo, independent without friends and family. I met strangers, I  shared rooms with strangers, I even had a stranger helping me out with additional pair of pants as  I sat with all wet clothes  staring at me. The only familiar thing/person I knew was me and me!

I am just a couple of hours away from my journey wrap-up and I am yet to consume what it has taught me or what it has not. But one thing for sure. I can feel the CHANGE. That change that solo travelers often keep talking about. Whether it is something temporary, resulting out of excessive adulation of friends and co-travelers or something deep that runs down is to be seen. But I feel restless, I feel perturbed, I feel like the waves in the vast expanse of sea, who just crash into each other endlessly.

I feel I am tumbling down. I feel I am happy. I feel I am sad. I feel I am relaxed. I feel my nerves tensed. I feel it. I feel solo. I feel independent. I feel I am gone! I feel I am reborn!

Feet on the map, Gokarna, Kurumgad Island, Butterfly island, Goa, Palolem

Tumbling down solo

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