A symphony of tranquillity, great hospitality and serendipity

I get excited. Travel excites me. And to be honest, when I have to work on my travel assignments, I am simply elated. This time around I stumbled on serendipity after an email hit my mailbox. “Invitation to a blogger meet” called out the subject line. I was curious. I have been invited to visit destinations, review properties but this was something different. This was something bigger. It was supposed to be giving me an opportunity to meet like minded fellow travelers. I jumped with joy.  It was a weekend event, hosted by Golden Swan Beach Resort at Murud Janjira.

Murud Janjira has always fascinated me. Sun, sand, beach and the formidable sea-fort! Ah, straight out of my school history text books.  On one such Saturday early this month, we left for Murud on an early morning jetty. I have been to Murud on earlier occasions as a kid. But all via roads. This was to be my first experience into the sea.

Feet on the map, Mumbai, Murud, Gateway, Deepika

Apollo Bunder (port)- Seeing off  Mumbai for Murud

Feet on the map, Deepika, Gateway, Murud, Golden Swan Beach Resort

The magnificent structure bids farewell to the sea-travelers

As I sat on the upper deck of our catamaran, I was swept to an era of historic sailors. I was reminded of Colombus. “How courageous it would have been of the man to set off sails in the search of a new world?”, I wondered.  Soon after we were suddenly surrounded by a colony of seagulls. As our catamaran tossed on the sea waves, the birds burst out in a symphony of dance, moving wings, flying, all coordinated into nature’s  wonderful performance.

Feet on the map, Seagulls, Murud, Golden Swan Beach Resort

The sea at large

Feet on the map, Murud, Mumbai

The dance of nature

Once we were out of our catamaran, I still felt swayed on the rhythm of waves. We had reached our first stop-over- Mandwa. From Mandwa, we had half an hour journey to Alibaug and then to our final destination Murud. Located 150 kms south of Mumbai Golden Swan Beach resort offers a  perfect weekend relaxation to the tired souls of cities into to a world once ruled by the Portuguese and the Mughals. True to what I had read about the resort online, we retreated into the great Indian history. Time nearly stopped, till we were jolted back by the sound of the staff who helped us with soothing local ‘kokam shorbet.’

After soaking ourselves in the coolness of the drink, I turned to my favourite job in the world. Exploring and capturing the world through my lens. Here are some of the gems of the ancient Portuguese villas, the vast expanse of lawns, beautiful sunsets, the konkani feast and the iconic Murud Janjira fort.

Feet on the map, Murud, Golden Swan Beach Resort

                                                                                              God’s green canvas


Feet on the map, Deepika, Murud, Golden Swan Beach Resort

Inspired by Portuguese architecture, the resort hosts 6 beautiful cottages.

Feet on the map, Golden Swan Beach Resort, Murud

My favourite sit out at the resort, over looking the beach and an abandoned fort in the sea 🙂


You have company!

Feet on the map, Murud, Golden Swan Beach Resort

A long stretch of the sea for your leisurely walks and beautiful sunsets

Feet on the map, Golden Swan Beach Resort

Want a ride on the beach? The resort offers a host of activities for its guests including cycles. If you are visiting the property with your kids, I would recommend putting them on these cycles on the beach, while you take your much required nap at one of the sit-outs or enjoy a delicious snack at the sunset hour 🙂


Indian cuisine for the hungry buds


The chef obliges us with his culinary ‘secrets’ 😉


Enroute to the Janjira Fort

Feet on the map

How about reapply for some history lessons at the Janjira Fort?

Special Note: I have been to Murud often. But if it was not for Golden Swan Beach Resort, then I wouldn’t have experienced Murud in any other way.   My stay was completely sponsored by them and I extend my gratitude to them. Their extended hospitality to me offered an opportunity to look at Murud from a different lens. 🙂

P.S. – Does this feel incomplete? Watch this space out for more.. Some more interesting stories and photographs of the trip coming up 😀

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