Photo Essay: Sunset at the Butterfly Island

I have been to Goa on several occasions. Sometimes with friends and at other times with family. But I have to admit. I have never really experienced Goa beyond the crowded beaches, noisy shacks and at best awesome food and beers. Reams have been written about Goan food, people, culture, churches.  Off late, the new-age travel bloggers have been vocal about exploring the rural Goa.Therefore, recently when I took my independent travel, I decided I had to go beyond the usual Goa- the Lonely Planets of the world showcased.  I decided to go off-grid to catch a sunset at  the Butterfly island one fine evening. Sharing my own impressions via the photo essay. Hope you get to experience , what I saw, even if its teeny weeny through the following photographs 🙂

Feet on the map


From Palolem, a 20-25 minute Jetty ride took me to the Butterfly island. The island gets its name from the fact that it looks like a butterfly from an aerial view. 


Feet on the map

Many fishermen and boats are available at the Palolem beach. A little negotiation with them and you can be off to the island. The boat that carried me, had few more other people. It costs us upto 1000 bucks. Good deal, eh? 😉



Rock formations dot the entire island. These beautiful rocks have been formed with shell impressions all over. A nice  treat for the eyes. But I could just imagine, how hard would the shells have hit these rocks for such a beautiful formation? 


Feet on the map

The island also offers a trail to adventure lovers and trekkers. Though I did not have time to explore it, you can if you decide to be on the island prior to the sunset.


Feet on the map, Sunset

Gorgeous and romantic sunsets await at the island. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The sheer sound of waves and the solitude you have feels like an eternity.


So what are you thinking about? Next time you go Goa, do go island hopping. 🙂

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