Announcing the ‘Happy Traveling Girl’ project

Feet on the Map, Happy Traveling Girl, Deepika GumasteFollow you passion; it will lead to your purpose- Oprah

With this thought in mind, was born a dream. The dream is called ‘Happy Travelling Girl.’  Two young girls- Krishna Ganatra and Megha Jamb, two ex-colleagues came together to realize a cause- “India for woman travel.” 

When Krishna and Megha undertook their first trip together, they realized the struggles, concerns that floated around women travel in the country. To fight this battle, they launched a project- ‘Happy Travelling Girl.’  A chance meeting with these girls, sparked an instant connection. My passion for travel had presented to me a purpose- “Women well-being through travel.”

I am therefore happy to announce today, my association with ‘Happy Travelling Girl (HTG)’ to promote women travel in India.

HTG- A dream is born:

Considering that there are many women  who wish to explore so many things in life but by stopped by myriad societal and family pressures, we wish to create an active community of fearless women travellers sharing their experiences and inspiring others not only to travel, but to take a stand for themselves.  Through this community, we aim to enroll government of India to support the cause and help promote the cause- India for Women Travel, in the backdrop of the negative media attention the  country has received as being unsafe for women travelers.‘ Eventually, we aim to create opportunities for Indian women to interact with other women travelling to the country and empower them with economic/social opportunities born out of these interactions (For e.g. – Create Women friendly home-stays). To support the movement- help us raise a petition at and Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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