An ode to Mumbai

Off late, I have been drab lazy.

Nights are mad, days have been crazy.

I have been hooked on to the internet

like a dead fish in a fishnet

It’s been work and no play or in my case- travel

It’s a mystery, I want to unravel

That’s when I thought, I would have fun

So I went out for a Mumbai run

And look what beauty I have found,

Yes that’s my city, ‘city of dreams’ which has been crowned

That’s the time I realized, I have been too much bley

An ode is what an ask by Mumbai!

Mumbai, Feet on the Map, Deepika

Well, very often we wish to travel the world, but forget to explore our own backyard. One of these weekends, I decided to break the jinx and set out to shoot my own city- ‘City of dreams- Mumbai.’ While doing that, I tried to experience the city’s vibe, feel, flavour, its people and couldn’t help but come up with this silly ode. 😉 Here’s to the city that never sleeps.

Mumbai, Feet on the Map, travel blogger, Deepika

The gateway to Mumbai

Taj Mumbai, Feet on the Map, Travel blogger of India

The city landmark- Wah Taj

Mumbai sealine, Travel blogger in Mumbai, Travel blogger in India, Deepika Gumaste

The city coastal line

Pizza, Food, Travel blog in Mumbai, India Travel blog, Feet on the Map

Eating at a local eatery

Hope you like these images and are inspired to come visit Mumbai, if you haven’t yet.  And for those who live in Mumbai-  I hope, you fall in love with this city, all over again 🙂

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