Where do we belong?

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 We might be beneath the same skies… But our horizons are different

Last few days have been frighteningly unsettling. My grandmother passed away. The whole family has gathered together sobbing and weeping for the loss. Off course! My grandmother has been one of the nicest person I have come across. In her goodness lied her strength. She was good. She smiled and the world smiled with her.

And here we are now. As I ponder over what made her so endearing, I cannot stop wondering.. “What happens in a world without her?” “Why did this journey end so abruptly?” As I sat besides my window will, an old looking man passed by. He said.. “She went to where she belonged child.”

I cannot help but think….We build homes, great bonds, craft great works and in the end what happens. Woof, goes everything. “Where  we belong?”

It’s the same with travel. When we travel, we meet people. We discover new places. We explore ourselves. We have no attachments, we have no bonds. The only relationship we have is with the road. Where does the road take us? Perhaps it takes us to “where we belong.” 


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