3 Cities. 3 Countries. 11 days. I am ready!

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“Travel is a way of life, not a destination”- goes the proverbial statment. But isn’t the destination also an equally important part of this travel experience? I believe so. And I am so glad that finally I will be no more saying that “I am in love with the cities, I’ve never been to!” Because now, I am finally off to meet the cities I have loved and watch people I have always been intrigued about.

Yes! Next week, I am off to my first Europe trip to the trio of 3 cities in 3 countries. Starting with Paris in France, I will explore Barcelona in Spain and Rome in Italy for 11 days!

I will be offline mostly and will be sharing stories of yummy foods, gorgeous people, majestic cities, silhouette landscapes when I return. I will try and capture my moments of ecstasy with #ataleof3cities on @feetonthemap on Twitter and my Facebook page. So stay tuned!

P.S. Did I mention that on this trip, I am going to experiment a lot with my photography as well. So wish me luck 🙂

Note: I am going with The Backpacker Co on this trip. I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts about them as well!

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