Paris: Meeting an old flame

Paris. The city of romance. The city of lights! Paris has always tempted me.  An enigmatic seductress, some sort of witchy vampire, leaping out of the bed, only to wrap you in the magic of melody, web of love and emotional euphoria.

Feet on the Map, Deepika Gumaste, Travel bloggers in India

Let’s journey back into the time

As a kid, I have always been fascinated by Paris. It’s cliched. It’s conventional. But it’s seductive. Paris for me has been a sin, I always wanted to commit. Paris to me was a love, whom you want to meet secretively, whom you want to make love to, without admitting in public.

Come, let's fall in love

Paris is the old flame, you want back in your life. You crave for it. Your heart aches for it. You’re love-struck. You lay, awe-struck by the sheer beauty. You are repelled by its hedonistic air, but you feel drawn to its seductive touch. You want to take control. But you keep losing yourself in its embrace.

Feet on the Map, Deepika Gumaste, Travel bloggers in India, Travel blogs in India

An incredible flirt, Paris takes your breathe away!

Note: I was on a 11 day tour to Paris-Barcelona-Rome and I am just back. This post is first of my stories under the ‘A tale of 3 cities’ with The Backpacker Co. To see what I did on this trip with The Backpacker Co, follow my stories with #ataleof3cities on  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or here.

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