Reflections from Kaziranga


I must admit. I have been to 3 different wildlife sanctuaries, Pench and Corbett. And every time I ended up disappointed for not having had sighted the big cat! Well, not every time. But the first two times. This time when I stepped out of Kaziranga, I did miss the opportunity again, however, have been ruminating over some of my thoughts that occurred to me in Kaziranga National Park. While there are some fascinating stories, heart-breaking interactions I have had at Kaziranga- that are a story for another post, but this one’s a jotting of my favorite thoughts and realizations.


In a society where we are conditioned to “be accepted”, to “be recognized”, to “be assimilated”, this view from of the jungle reminded me to be true to myself and stand for what I believe. As we passed a dirt track, muddy road, dotted with crooked tall trees on both the planks, this alone tree, standing by the Bramhaputra that traverses through the green scapes of Kaziranga, reminded me of who I am. I am the WILDFLOWER.



“I want to see the tiger”, cried a kid aloud on the track safari that followed my vehicle. Obviously, the child was repeating what was reinforced to him by the so called belief system of his parents, families, friends- that jungle is all about the Tiger. As my Jeep slowly snaked across the rugged terrain of the wild, I decided to stop being that kid and instead focus on what is not obvious to my eyes. Result? I did not get to see the tiger. However, I ended up with memories of this beautiful guy!


Image Credit: Anu Haak


That one lesson, with which I walked away with pride out of Kaziranga- I would say- happiness! No really! I mean- all my life I wanted to be happy. I got a new job, I got a promotion, I got a blog of my own, I moved to a new apartment. I got new clothes. But the happiness didn’t quite last long. I mean it was all for that one moment. But the happiness I experienced seeing a mother and a baby elephant walk together in the wild– Immense. It brings a smile to my face, even today as, I write this entry. Anybody for happiness that lasts?



These days, waking up to news of a terrorist attack somewhere, or developing sectarian unrest, news of sexual assault is the norm. We, atleast I in particular (And Yes, I am guilty of this) have all been accustomed to whatever is happening around. Sure- this is all happening because we are different. We have differences of opinion. But does that mean we can’t co-exist together peacefully? If you think yes- bravo. If you think otherwise- here’s some inspiration for you!



Did I sound a bit dramatic? Have you been to any of the wildlife sanctuaries? Have you had any fascinating stories or reflections? Share them with me in comments? 🙂


21 thoughts on “Reflections from Kaziranga

  1. wow… you managed to see quite a lot…
    My Kaziranga visit was worse with poor sightings and overpriced facilities…

    And spotting a big cat in the wild is almost impossible…


  2. Beautiful pictures. Lovely reflections.
    The forest is a great teacher. You definitely learn to listen to songs of the wild, start appreciating the biodiversities of the jungle and look beyond the orange and black coat 🙂
    Was very lucky in ranthambore though, saw tigers in every safari 🙂


  3. Well, there are those that I know who go all the way to see butterflies or fireflies or snakes 🙂 So it depends on which lovely form of life captures our heart 🙂


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