12 months on: Restless is the new normal


Last year when I took to write End 2015.Begin 2016, I said something.

I don’t know  where I am going, but I like the direction.

In 2015, when I packed my belongings at the workplace, I had friends in awe with full of “respect.” Well-intended seniors offering me words of wisdom and support. Parents at best worried, encouraging partner by my side. All through the chaos, I wondered, how would the transition turn out? How long before, I caved in for a normal life? How long before the corporate cubicle beckoned again? Turns out, 12 months on it is still something I stand by. That fleeting feeling of something unknown, the butterflies tossing my heart around. A year on, I am still curious, still hungry, still restless and foolish.  Looking back at the last 365 days, the normal life has turned out to be having numbing conversations about love, identity and happiness, or making a sacred pilgrimage at 10,000 feet plus. One day it was about learning the spiritual connotations of penises  or learning about the living root bridges of Meghalaya and at other time it would be finding new workstations for myself!


Getting lost in jungles of North East India

Losing all that was assured:

The last 12 months have been joyful, stressful, exciting, boring all together. Yes- put the greatest paradoxical words out from a dictionary together and you have bingo- 2016! I lost the consistent 5 figure salary I received. I lost touch with all the financial formalities in the world. I haven’t seen a bank in a year. I do mostly all my transactions online and I haven’t seen a friend apart from the one or two odd wedding events I have attended! This is driving me crazy because I am now scared to meet anybody I might know. I don’t feel like talking to anybody out of fear that we have nothing common to talk anymore.


Adapting to a new workplace, every day

Living the uncertainties:

I lost my bed to a tent under the Himalayan skies,  I rode through some of the most dangerous roads on earth, I played badminton in a nunnery, I finally traveled to Ladakh, I learnt how some people in India, don’t feel they are any Indian. I went through a perpetual flood of tears, smiles, doubts and I survived. Travels were mostly accidental and I didn’t plan anything to tee. I explored some of the most ancient natural root structures and knowledge of ancient Indian tribes. I learnt a thing or two about the Rhino horn smuggling while I tried to mend my broken heart with two assignments which I thought would come my way, but didn’t.


Climbing the moonland

A head-start for sure:

If 2015, was the year of making the decision, then 2016 was the year of making it happen. I set up myself to face uncertainties and this ensured plenty of surprises thrown my way. I traveled and then I wrote. Thrice, it landed me into pretty neat print publications. I got myself recognized in three “top blogger lists.” But the fleeting anxious butterfly still exists and hovers around in my stomach. My heart is sinking and I can feel the stars circling around my head.


In anticipation of 2017

What next?

2017! I have no idea, what this year has in store for me. As mentioned last year, I still don’t have a plan. I am still not sure of whether this is a life I want to live, I am not sure if 6 months of travel and 6 months of home is what I wanted. I still don’t have money and I still don’t feel comfortable. I don’t feel normal. I feel restless.

But somehow, I get this an eerie feeling. ‘Restless is the new normal.’

What is your definition of normal?

11 thoughts on “12 months on: Restless is the new normal

  1. Being normal for me is what is bizarre for others. It is taking risks, moving out of my comfort zone, unlearning ‘rules’ , doing something new, trusting strangers and not muting the ‘tiny voice’ deep down 🙂


  2. Loved this! I felt similar when getting ready for my move to Switzerland. People definitely didn’t see that as “normal”. Normal to me is crazy to others. Check out my blog if you get a chance! 🙂


  3. What a lovely post Deepika and I can so totally relate to it now that I am on a similar journey myself. It was a pleasure meeting you.
    You go girl!


    • Thank you so much Bidisha.. it was great meeting you as well.. I am sure, we will have adventures together again and may be then we will discuss our normal things again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Normal? That word has many meanings, haha! Wow! Sounds like you’ve been on quite the adventure! I used to think it was a bad thing to not have everything figured out. Now, I live in the “not having anything figured out” and I’m finding that to be my new “normal”. So, in a way we are kind of in the same boat. Keep trying to live out your dreams! Be okay with them taking awhile to come true. Don’t forget to enjoy the process, and don’t waste your time on wishing to be in the future! Ask yourself the question “What can I be grateful for Right this very moment?”

    I hope your 2017 is amazing and wonderful, Deepika! Look forward to seeing what your very bright future holds.


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