A Christmas wish: 17 in 2017


A Christmas wish!

Ok, yeah, fine! I am not 17. I am an adult, I worked for 5 years before  quitting my corporate job and now it’s been a year after I quit my job. So you do the math and figure out how old I am. Meanwhile, here are 17 things, I wish on Christmas for  2017 or at-least, hoping for. What do you think of these? Do you think I can complete them all? Or would I be unable to do either of these, because money, Honey! Is there anything else, I add in here? Go on, tell me!

  1. Take a trip to Russia
  2. Wear a Kimono and drink Sake
  3. Take one trip in Himalayas
  4. Be good to the family 😛  (One thing that’s always a sore point. I’m not a family person at all and therefore, for me, it’s a great thing to see, folks at home smiling because of me. Proud to declare, this goal has been achieved this year. This was just for a day at a cousin’s wedding, but I’m sure, everyone’s taken a bunch of memories with me home 🙂 )
  5. Meet one new tribe of the world or India (Met the Truku Tribe in Taiwan)
  6. Win/Get invited for an all-expense-paid trip to any place exotic, in India or abroad [Let me not get greedy here 😉 ] (Got invited to many, but went on 2- Gujurat and Taiwan)
  7. Take a writing/Photography course
  8. Get published with 4-8 articles in print media
  9. Crack a story in Nat Geo Traveller – print or web!
  10. Set foot in a new state in India (Gujurat)
  11. Attend a travel blogger summit/conference or meet-up (OTM in Mumbai)
  12. Get published in Matador Network
  13. Grow my Instagram account to 10k and bag my first sponsored post
  14. Visit Disneyland in HongKong
  15. Explore Taiwan (Big Yay)
  16. Bag one big freelance assignment (Lonely Planet Locals Project! :))
  17. Volunteer for a cause- anything that enriches my experience as a being!

This list is only the beginning. I am hoping to  add many more goals to this list and achieve much more in the coming year. If 2015 was practice, 2016 was a warm up session, then I really want 2017, to be the year of success. Wish me luck 🙂


The tiny bee, in life’s huge canvas. But hey, it’s your life. Make it big 🙂

16 thoughts on “A Christmas wish: 17 in 2017

  1. Thats a great list and I have few of those on mine too. Its so cool to jot down goals like this and share on the blog – you are that much more accountable. tell me when you tick them off 🙂 lets keep each other in check.


    • Hey Jo, I have made such a list for the first time. Till date, always flew like a kite, in a direction, where the wind blows. Now, with this objective sheet, I am going to see how I grow 😉


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