Once in a life time: Celebrity Constellation

2017 has been the year of many firsts. First travel experiences, first food experiences, first writing experiences, first meetings and first many things. Out of that, one of the firsts was also spending an evening on Celebrity Constellation– a premium millennium class cruise ship

We began a tour of the luxurious and expansive, Celebrity Constellation which stood out as a symbol of modern luxury vacations. Designed for the world’s discerning travellers, it revives with best of the cruising experience. Some of the luxurious services offered are its Aqua class staterooms, Spa Club, Celebrity iLounge, Blu Restaurant, Entertainment shows and family activities, including a ‘Silent Disco session’. 

The ship has been newly refreshed with one of the new culinary venue, A Rooftop Terrace features chic, cozy furniture, surprising artistic elements, and a large soundscape movie screen that lets you kick back and catch Taste of Film—unique way to experience movies. Here’s a sneak-peak into a few of my favourite moments on the cruise: 


The magnificent ‘Celebrity Constellation’


One of the restaurant and lounging area for guests on-board


The crafty interiors of the ship


A premium dining space for guests


Among many other classy paintings, was this one, which can be bought by the guests- Talk about auction on-board!


The cruise overlooking the beautiful city skyline


The cruise is home to many creative installations, indulging the artyside of the guests


Christmas on board

Disclaimer:  As conscious and responsible traveler (at least, I believe in the cause), I was critical of even an evening. Hypocrisy, you may call it. But, I had never been on a Cruise and this was the first time, a ship of Celebrity Cruises’ fleet to sail from an Indian port! For someone, who’s never been on a Cruise, this is an experience definitely recommended, once in a life-time! I was invited by Tirun India, an exclusive India representative of Royal Caribbean

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