Offering Hazrati at Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah

Religion. Faith. Prayer.  I  have always been a little conflicted about this thing called “unknown power.”  So, I am never interested in visiting worship places. But, when I was in Delhi earlier, this year, I stumbled upon an opportunity to visit one of the most popular shrines of Delhi. It took me back to the by-lanes of Mumbai’s Mahalakshmi temple (which my mom used to drag me out to when I was a kid!) Here’s what I saw- baskets of flowers, the chunris( the temple has it in red, the dargah in green), same Prasad packets of sugar balls and hordes of believers irrespective of class, creed and religion.

And I couldn’t help but wonder… Are we all really different. Guess, Rumi wins this round, when he says “the entrance to the sanctuary is within you.”

Below are a few glimpses from this mystical visit, that changed something within me forever:



Outside the compound of the main Dargah


The main complex which houses the grave of the Hazrat Nizzamuddin Auliya, the Sufi saint-poet


The ornate interiors of the temple


Women aren’t allowed inside, where the grave rests. But women offer prayers through the window of faith


Offerings to the Khwaja


Believers tie these threads, making wishes at the grave of the now silent saint-poet


Offering prayers


The building is a sight to behold with the believers making up beautiful portraits


The meaning of life, often lies in death, which marks the union of the human body and its creator is the underlying belief in Sufism

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