[Book Review]: Lady, you’re the boss!


It’s all about enhancing your ‘work-at-home life’

Given that we can’t travel and therefore live the ‘life on the road,’ we have been forced to seek refuge in the 4 walls of our homes. As I  navigate the complexities of our ‘new normal’,  a chance conversation with my writer friend: Chandana Banerjee’s guide to working from home piques my interest. As I pour my concerns of stress around creating a new work at home lifestyle, she proudly sent me a copy of her latest book: ‘Queen Of The At- home Lifestyle.’

A military wife, Chandana’s new book is a part memoir-part self help book that promises to help women navigate the current challenges around the pandemic and establish a new centered life at home.

The Homemaker or at the at home career girl: The opening chapters of the book give us a sneak peek into Chandana’s early years into ‘homemake’ and her conundrum of choosing between ‘work from home entrepreneur’, a homemaker and a homeschooling mom. As we progress, the book is majorly divided into 3 sections: focused on setting up a work from home set up, creating a holistic homemaking lifestyle and homeschooling.


(Picture Courtesy: Facebook) Banerjee runs an art studio from home. Her art works are available at Jugnoo Story Art


Banerjee’s writing is refreshing, rich with tips from her own uniquely lived experiences and fun. She doesn’t draw up fantasy tales about a work from home lifestyle. Instead, Banerjee’s writing asks us to slow down and introspect what the pandemic might be teaching us: to fill our days with nurturing – nurturing of our home, our skills, our families and ourselves.

Each section is divided as a collection of simple tricks and tips that can fulfill each ‘queen bee’ , no matter what stage of life one is at. Whether it’s about identifying a passion that could be turned into a micro biz project, or having little rituals while homemaking, or incorporating audio stories into homeschooling for your child, Banerjee’s writing packs a a punch for every woman wanting to create a holistic, integrated and happy lifestyle at home.

For someone like me, who quit her full time communications job, to  pursue ‘a digital nomadic life’ myself and make my own life, with my own choices, Chandana Banerjee’s ‘Queen Of At-home Lifestyle’  serves a great reminder that good things happen to people who are able to understand what works for them individually, aren’t bothered about fitting in,  are ready to push the boundaries and transform their lives.

Book: Queen Of At-home Lifestyle
Author: Chandana Banerjee

Book cover by: Smokey Bandit
Edited by: Monika Khindria
Publication: Self Published E-Book

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