Feet on the map: Update


Well, hello there. Here’s an update from Feet on the Map 🙂

Hello all, it’s been a long time since I posted last. Since then to up until now, the world as we knew stands changed. Times are chaotic, we’re all distressed. The days are melting into nights and the nights rolling into another dawn…

Despite everything, that has happened due to COVID-19 and the pandemic, I hope all of my readers are fine, staying healthy and safe. “Tough times don’t last, tougher people do,”- I am a staunch believer in that…

As for me, I am doing fine as of now. I have lost a couple of close people to the pandemic so writing has been a bit difficult for me. My mental health has been a roller coaster ride, and yet, I have tried keeping myself busy with art, meditation, journaling in my diary.  I have also enrolled myself into a MA course, with an intent to specialize in Psychology.  I haven’t traveled in the longest time and perhaps, it is a long journey, until we can travel again. Until then, I hope to write and blog as much as possible: with a focus on all things that matter. Not all stories might be travel related. But I promise, we will be back to the normal soon 🙂

After all, hope makes the world go around. God bless, keep sanitizing and wear mask!

Love, peace and gratitude,

Feet on the Map

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