Bordi, Maharashtra

It had been two weekends, that I hadn’t been anywhere. My heart had started to get bored of my own being, my feet itchy. And with @srinistuff working off on the weekends, I was really left to myself with a hardly few options- sit at home and get bored or #gosolo. Since I had been thinking about that solo trip for so long, wondering how it would be to travel solo,  I finally decided to take the plunge. With faith in heart and doubts in my mind, I finally made ‘that call’ to The Blueberry Trails and finalized my itinerary to one of the best kept secrets of Rural Maharashtra.

Driving off from Bombay

Driving off from Bombay

Since I had two days with me- Saturday and Sunday, it had to be a quick trip. Even before I knew, I was off to one of the most scenic and wonderful spots in the interiors of Maharashtra. My heart was swelling abound at the thought of #goingsolo, but as soon as I reached the quaint little sleepy beach town, called the Bordi village, all my fears evaporated.  Bordering on the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat, this tiny little hamlet is nestled amidst beautiful chickoo orchards, black-sand beaches and the traditional Warli artisans. For people who cannot afford long leaves and nomadic travel, weekend escapades are perhaps the best answer. On this trip, in fact I realized how foolishy we pin for a piece of heaven in other countries, often ignoring the sheer beauty that surrounds us. Somehow we always manage to stand true to the proverbial fate of “grass is greener on the other side.”

It was at such moment, I was thinking “what would an unheard place like a Bordi would offer” and I MUST say, I was pleasantly surprised. Carpets of Chickoo orchards on one side, and black sand beach on the other hand- the combination made a killer impression. Often off from a usual traveler’s map, Bordi is a tiny haven set off an unbeaten path, 4-5 hours drive away from Mumbai.


The misty breeze that follows you everywhere

Perfect getaway for a weekend, Bordi was a welcome change from the unclean and shanty beaches of Mumbai. Bordi also boasts of umpteen Parsi houses and therefore it’s a great way of experiencing the Parsi culture, firsthand. For the photographers and people who love to model and click their own pictures, Bordi offers a host of opportunities. Bike ride or a bicycle ride to the village   boulevards, a leisure beach stoll, or a quiet read in one of the swings these Parsi homes house and your weekend is set! 


Swing along in an old Parsi home

There’s also a small dam, called the Asavli Dam, close to the village. One can simply hike up to it or take a drive in a car. The beautiful meadows, the gurgling sound of the waters in the dam and humongous green shaded mountains on the other end, make it a perfect family picnic spot.


The picture perfect picnic spot

What do you think? Have you been to Bordi yet? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bordi, Maharashtra

  1. Yes, I have been to Bordi and knowledge about Chikoo fruit was enhanced there only by Prashant Patil – the owner of Maitri Park farmland. And also knoweldge was enhanced about Udvada oldest Agiary (Parsi Fire Temple) within India by Pervez Khurshedji Dastur – owner of Goolkhush Resort. And then I went to Vrindavan Studios at Umbergaon, Gujarat where Ramayan – famous television series shooting was done.
    In-short quiet and good location to visit.
    Thanks for writing.


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