Murud, Maharashtra

There are hoards of crowds at the Gateway of India. The signboard, shouting ‘Mumbai’ stands tall. @Srinistuff and I are up since 5AM in the morning. We have been invited by Golden Swan Beach Resort, over the weekend in Murud. Murud and I share a very intimate relationship. I have been visiting  Murud often as one of my uncles stayed in Roha, very close to the beach town. As a kid, I have been fascinated by the formidable sea fort of Janjira. So when the opportunity to visit Murud came by, I quickly said a yes.


Getting ready to sail off….

This time around, it was a bit different. Usually I have always taken a road trip to Murud. Today, we decided to take  a Catamaran and sail on the sea. Though, the initial few minutes are exciting, it can get boring quickly with just sea and no land around. But a flock of birds kept us company throughout. They twirled, danced, flew away and then came back to orchestrate a performance. Soon we were at the resort.

Feet on the map, Golden Swan Beach Resort, Deepika Gumaste

The lawn area of the resort

Introduction to Golden Swan Beach Resort:

Located just 150 kms south of Mumbai and 170 kms west of Pune, the resort is a perfect weekend getaway to a world once ruled by Abyssians, Marathas and the Portuguese, offering some breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. At present, the  resort is divided into two areas- back and front. The front section comprises of 6 AC Cttages that capture the Mediterranean essence of living and 13 AC Deluxe Rooms. The back section consists of Portuguese styled Beach Villa of 6 AC Double Rooms and offers direct access to the beach and a view of the Kasa Fort and the Nawab’s Palace.

Feet on the map

The sitting area outside our cottages 

Travel information:

Murud is situated at a distance of 155 km from Mumbai. A small coastal village in the Raigad district of the state of Maharashtra, Murud is well connected to Mumbai by road and train.

However, the best way to reach Murud from Mumbai is by road, a journey of about 3 hours by car. The places covered during the journey from Mumbai to Murud are Mumbai – 12 km -> Mankhurd – 28 km -> Panvel – 31 km -> Pen – 84 km -> Murud. On the way, there are several ATMs, hospitals, rest stops and dhabas. Restaurants such as Sunrise are present on the route. Petrol pumps of Hindustan Petroleum (HP) and Bharat Petroleum (BP), among others, are also available at regular intervals.

Another way is  the sea-route. At Gateway of India, there are several jetty operating services available. Catamaran is the most preferred option.

If you are staying in Murud, stay at  Golden Swan Beach Resort. Here’s why:

Location: If you believe location is very important, then this resort gets full marks. Centrally located to the Murud bus station, the resort is just seconds away. It’s in its quite corners, past the noise of the main area of the village. The back-doors of the gate open right on a secluded and pristine waters of the Arabian Sea.  I stayed in the  Portuguese styled cottages, with only two neighbours. And the decor, simple but just ‘dil-khush’ ho jata hai 😉

Feet on the map

There are many spots to laze around on a sunny weekend 🙂

The Hospitality: I found the Golden Swan Beach  to be a very warm experience. Everyone smiles, right from the manager to the resort staff and are very caring. It wasn’t surprising to see a lot of families come stay at the resort with people of all age- grandchildren to grandparents!

The Food: The food was yum. India is a very diverse country. And catering to the food tastes of such a diverse population can be a daunting task. But  a huge shout out to the chefs and the staff for ensuring lavish spreads, right  from idli and sambhar to pasta and eggs.

Feet on the map

Feet on the map

Need I say more 😉

The activities: The resort but might appear a little premium, but there are a plenty of activities available for everyone. If you feel a little lazy, you can go cycle on the beach,  if you feel lazier, go feed the ducks, if you feel at leisure, go catch a sunset at a hill top or visit the Janjira fort to address your historic instincts.

Feet on the map

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