Happy Travelling Girl Project

Feet on the Map has partnered with Happy Travelling Girl, a community of women travelers (we have guys supporting us to!) to take up active travel, share their experiences and inspire other women to do the same.

Our ultimate objective is to enroll Government of India to support us and help promote the cause- ‘India for Women Travel’, in the backdrop of the negative media attention the  country has received as being ‘unsafe for women travelers.‘ Eventually, we aim to create opportunities for Indian women to interact with other women travelling to the country and empower them with economic/social opportunities born out of these interactions (For e.g. – Create Women friendly homestays).

For this, we are looking to feature ‘women travelers across the globe’ and share their inspiring journeys, motivations and mantras for travel, while addressing any concerns Indian women have with travel. This interview will be promoted under the ‘Happy Travelling Girl’ segment on Feet on the Map. Apart from that, we will also promote the same through our joint social media properties to direct new readers to your blog and take inspiration from you.

If you think, you are for “Women Travel”, drop me a line or two. And I will get back to you! 🙂

Let’s create a world for ‘Happy Travelling Girl.’