Temples of Bali- [A Photo Essay]

It is not unknown that Bali is host to beautiful volcanoes, green lush rice paddy fields, serene sea shores and a rejuvenating spiritual experience for travelers who flock the region from across the globe. What however remains a lot less explored and unsaid is the magnificent temples that sections of Bali boast of.

Here’s a dekko at various temples, we visited during our travel to Indonesia.


At the entrance of Goa Gajah temple, Ubud, Bali.Before you enter a temple complex, you are given a cloth (Selendang) as it is called,around your waist.



One of the primary religions of Bali is the Balinese Hinduism. If you are even minutely acquainted with Hinduism, you can draw a lot of similarities between both Indian and Balinese cultures. The above images capture the ritual offerings in the temples in and around Bali. Few of the most important elements of ritual offerings in Bali is flowers. Balinese believe that flowers help propagate love and sincerity and often help to maintain a balance between body, mind and soul. Other elements include water, incense sticks and betel nut.


A Ganesh idol, you’ll often see even on the roads at turnings. Strikingly, Balinese Ganesh idols have their eyes closed, symbolizing deep meditation. 


One of the most stunning and popular temple destinations. Situated in the Bedugul region of Bali, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan or Lake Bratan temple is situated amdist the shores of a lake and heavy green mountains on all the sides.  Built in 1926, Lake Bratan temple house Shiva, Paravthi (his wife) and lake goddess Devi Danu is located 1200 m above sea level. Around the temple, there’s also boat services which take you on a trip deep into the lake. During the trip, be prepared to be shivering with the winds blowing swiftly and the green hills and the cold lake captivating you as its audience.



A villa stationed around Lake Bratan.








Uluwatu Temple, is another stunning temple on the island of Bali. About 45 minutes away from Nusa Dua and one and a half hours away from Kuta, the inner sanctum of this temple is situated on the edge of a steep hill. There are two sections of the temple – norther and southern, both of which offer majestic views of the Indian Ocean.  Officially known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu  is regarded as one of the most important temples in Bali, protecting and warding off the island from any evils.


Beware of the big bad monkeys around the Uluwatu temple complex



And now, in my opinion the most magnificent and spectacular temple- Tanah Lot. Unfortunately, the popularity of the place has made it very touristy and crowded. But me being, the eternal beach lover, I was mind blown by the sheer beauty that the temple and its surroundings have to offer. Not to forget, the delicious sunset and the subsequent colour changes that you can see across the sky and the sea, offering the breathtaking  Balinese treat!











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