In Pictures: Dealing with anxiety in Darjeeling, the ‘queen of hill stations’ caught up in unrest

The last few months have been tiring, daunting and full of anxieties. My friends and familiar readers might be aware of how I have been up to no good. For the uninitiated ones,  I wrote a post explaining how about most of the time, I feel that the sky is dark, the clouds are grey and there are no colours except for black and white in between here.

So last month, when I set out on to a trip to Darjeeling ‘the queen of hill stations’, with @Srinistuff, my partner in crime, in travel and life in general, I wasn’t excited a bit. In fact, I just wanted to shut myself out from the world, even from @Srinistuff (though, I might not have told him that time) and just curl up comfortably on my bed. To add to the Bollywood masala of my life, Darjeeling had been affected by military and political unrest and we were therefore confined to our resort room.

That an unrest in a place, would cause my nerves to rest seems ironic. I however, believe- that this trip of “doing sweet nothings” turned out to be one of my best. All throughout our stay in Darjeeling, we would get up to the views of mist laden mountains, a whiff of lush tea gardens, the chugging sound of the heritage blue toy train and the excited toothless kids waving through it. So here’s a photo-story, I have put together for you to know how travel can some times help us deal with anxiety and ungrateful thoughts. Let me know what you think in comments below 🙂



Clouds playing hide and seek on the hills


Enjoying early morning dew


In kids, world, everything is team work. Even a walk to school 🙂


Morning walk vistas….


Nature’s canvas…


When clouds have their own way

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