Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand

As I have mentioned earlier in my Singapore and Malaysia write ups  (You can read about it here- or (, this particular trip to the tri-countries was our a family celebration. Post our stay in Malaysia, we again were on board a Malaysian Airlines plane to…..

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Incidentally, today May 22, 2014 marks two years of the Thailand tour. Back in 2012, we landed on the Survarnabhumi airport, Bangkok. From the airport, Kesari tours had arranged for a bus to take us to our hotel.  Around sometime early evening, we entered our rooms. We were lofty tired and were in no mood to cater to anything. So the entire gang went to sleep, rested and recuperated for the big bang Thai land!

Honestly, my first impressions about Thailand were- a combination of country side India and heavily crowded streets of Mumbai. Where else you could find a cow on the road and nail biting, turtle pace moving traffic, all at the same time! Fast food stalls, weird varieties of sea-food hanging on various street stalls,  huge hoardings across the street, painstaking traffic and sex on the road- well that’s Bangkok for you! 🙂 Well, it is not a wonder that the country thrives a lot on sex tourism.  Hoards of women, men and transvestites walk the streets as soon as you hit the latter half of the evenings. On this note, just a small tip- It is suggested that a trip to Thailand is better with your friends rather than families and small kids, as it could get a little awkward.

Coming back to Day 1 in Bangkok, we left for the magical, out of this world dance and musical show- The Alcazar show.  For my experiences with the Alcazar show, you can read here:

Post an evening of a ravishing night of  music and dance, we dozed off early. I cannot reiterate the fact of visiting Thailand alone or with a bunch of friends. Since we were with a group of Indian families, it was routine to act like a tourist and bounce off to sleep early every night.

On the second day, it was again the usual family sight seeing- Oragn Utan Show, drive to Safari World, rendezvous with smashing dolphins, slippery seals, stunt shows by coybows,  visiting tropical gardens, orchards and the pottery garden.



Buddhist temples and complexes abound in Bangkok and Pattaya.


Buddhism is a primary religion in Thailand











Keep a day reserved for entertaining the kids with seals, dolphins, dance shows and wildlife, if you are traveling with any!

If you are in Bangkok and Pattaya, I recommend getting a feel of Thai massage. Interestingly, Thai massages have been influenced from traditional medicines of China, India and South east sphere. You’ll find umpteen number of  spa parlours and massage clinics on every nook and corner.

In Pattaya, clean deep blue waters await you! We spent nearly an entire day, enjoying the sun, sand and surf. There are plenty of options for the bold and adventure lovers.  Scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling, et al. You can pick and choose whatever you like! I decided to go ahead and had a wonderful brush with adventure for the first time ever. That said, definition of my adventure counted para-sailing and sea-walking, of which I enjoyed both to the core.



Be it with family or your friends or just a solo trip, visiting Thailand should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

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