Ubud, Indonesia

From our first stop in Indonesia- Seminyak, @Srinistuff and I moved to visit the second place in Bali, that had made to our bucket list previously. Honestly, if there’s one place which I would think of visiting again in Bali, it’s Ubud, for Ubud is the center-stage for all things Bali. Be it the traditional Balinese culture or the sensory pursuits you crave for, Ubud offers it all.

This is a place where you could set out to find your ‘inner peace’ and you would find it.  Umpteen number of temples, multi-colored Balinese dance shows, sanctuaries of native animals and inhabitants coupled with the infinite carpets of green meadows and rice fields.. well this is where tranquility will meet traditions.

Ubud is quite a place to feel the power of ‘nothingness.’ Even if you decide to ditch the temples and cultural shows that can be found aplenty in other parts of Bali, a trip to Ubud is worth the deal. The sleepy village, is usually more deserted in the interiors while the outskirts haven’t really been able to escape sprawling touristy feel. If you want to escape all the hustle-bustle of touristy Bali, my recommendation to you is sit back, relax, read a book, listen to music, have break fast, lunch, dinner all in the front yard of luxurious villas and home-stays (of which Ubud offers multiple choices) facing the lush rice paddies and huge coconut tress.

Immerse yourself in the green grass and blue skies. That’s what we did.

Apart from relaxation, there are a lot of places and activities to be done nearby such as- Monkey Sanctuary, Goa Gajah and the Kopi Luwak coffee plantations. Make sure you don’t miss it!


                                A brace of ducks crossing the rice fields in front of our villa


 Villas adjacent to ours

IMG_20140102_120709              Ditch the usual touristy guide. Sit back at your villa and enjoy a sunset or two

IMG_20140102_122144     The deserted interiors of the country side, great for a solitude ride through yourself.

IMG_20140102_121923        The warrior Ganesh- a reflection that will shine back on you on every alternative street








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