A Journey to a Special Place from Our School Textbook Days..

Sandwiched between Rajasthan and Maharashtra, the two widely popular tourist circuits in Western India, the state of Gujarat can be easily dismissed as just another state of the country. Travellers usually scurry between… Continue reading

A Christmas wish: 17 in 2017

Ok, yeah, fine! I am not 17. I am an adult, I worked for 5 years before  quitting my corporate job and now it’s been a year after I quit my job. So… Continue reading

12 months on: Restless is the new normal

Last year when I took to write End 2015.Begin 2016, I said something. I don’t know  where I am going, but I like the direction. In 2015, when I packed my belongings at the… Continue reading

Meeting the ancient guardians of nature

  Years before I visited Meghalaya, I had a head full of images of the Living Root Bridges. That these bridges were accorded the UNESCO heritage status, further fuelled my wanderlust to step… Continue reading

Top 10 experiences in Sri Lanka (In Photos!)

It’s been been about 20 days since I am back from Sri Lanka and I still haven’t unpacked. I have been getting queries about our itinerary, where we stayed, our experiences in Sri… Continue reading

First impressions: Why I fell in love with Sri Lanka…

At the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland, lies a pearl in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, an island country has been an old time friend and partner of India.  However, for most… Continue reading

Don’t live at home….

As I type these words, I sit on a comfortable red couch overlooking the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. I am sitting on the 16th floor of Cinnamon Red in Colombo, the… Continue reading

5 myths about a travel blogger

My last blog post, where I spoke about, how I am treating my thyroid and anxiety through my travels is a personal post. In fact, if you have realized, a lot of my… Continue reading

How I am treating thyroid and anxiety with my travels

*Click, clack, click, clack,* I am waiting and aimlessly tapping my feet on the ground  and fingers on my laptop, as I struggle hard to get myself up to this blog. The last month… Continue reading

In Pictures: A pillion in the Himalayas

Say what you would. But Ladakh is a destination that played on my mind for a couple of years now. However, unlike many people  I know who would claim so, 3 Idiots had no… Continue reading