5 myths about a travel blogger

My last blog post, where I spoke about, how I am treating my thyroid and anxiety through my travels is a personal post. In fact, if you have realized, a lot of my… Continue reading

How I am treating thyroid and anxiety with my travels

*Click, clack, click, clack,* I am waiting and aimlessly tapping my feet on the ground  and fingers on my laptop, as I struggle hard to get myself up to this blog. The last month… Continue reading

In Pictures: A pillion in the Himalayas

Say what you would. But Ladakh is a destination that played on my mind for a couple of years now. However, unlike many people  I know who would claim so, 3 Idiots had no… Continue reading

Reflections from Kaziranga

I must admit. I have been to 3 different wildlife sanctuaries, Pench and Corbett. And every time I ended up disappointed for not having had sighted the big cat! Well, not every time.… Continue reading

In anticipation of new roads..

I have been itching to get back on the road is an understatement. I am dying to get back my travel life on track is not even close to my mind’s current state… Continue reading

A sacred trail to 10,240 feet

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life.” As I stood at the base of the Paro Takstang, aka the Tiger’s Nest, I was quiet.… Continue reading

An insider’s perspective: 6 months of being a digital nomad

  This year is over! Well, almost. 6 months into 2016, I have no idea where did time fly by. Wherever it went, it’s been an eventful half-year and a hell of a ride.Last… Continue reading

Serendipity in Rainy Rome

“With every street explored and cobbled-stone alley walked, a fairy-tale like place emerges” Every once a while, during my travel, I wish for an experience which would blow away my mind. An experience which would make me… Continue reading

An autumn in Paris: In pictures

  Paris, the fashion-capital of the world is a visual treat.  With intricately carved churches, streets filled with creative young artists, rich palaces turned museums on the banks of Seine, remind you of an intense… Continue reading

Numbing conversations from the road: About love, identity and happiness

There is a certain level of romanticizing that goes around, when you hit the road, wearing the badge of a ‘nomad’, ‘traveler’ or ‘vagabond’, whatever you like to call it. People look at… Continue reading