Work with me

While I work as communications consultant, I am open to freelance projects in the travel space. I am open to participate in FAM trips, blogger meets and be a travel writer for publications, guide books,  websites, blogs and marketing collaterals for resorts, restaurants and home stays.  If you look to  collaborate with me, here is a list of my services:

Travel Writing

With having blogged for more than a year now, I have been able to hone my writing skills and contribute to several publications/blogs that required unique, compelling stories. You can find samples of my writing in this section. If you are looking to craft quality content coupled that demands a genuine human touch and a personal tone to it, I am open to work with you on one of your projects.

Working with Brands

I am open to work with  hospitality groups, tourism brands and travel groups to create awareness and review destinations, resorts, venues, travel campaigns that might be insightful and might interest my readers. I have in the past worked with brands such as WelcomHeritage– a joint venture of ITC Ltd and Jodhana Heritage, Golden Swan Beach Resort,  Golven Beach Resort, etc. As a travel lover, I love to visit offbeat destinations and bring back my own stories of natural beauty, individual interactions and unique travel experiences.

I am open to travel blogger meets/seminars  and have been recognized at various platforms, such  as the ‘Traveler of the Month’ by The Blueberry Trails.

Travel Photography:

I also love to capture photographs and tell my stories visually. If you take a look at my blog, you will realize that apart from the content, I love to create visual stories for my clients bringing out of the box elements and depth to the places I visit, the people I interact with and the food I eat. I am therefore open to form mutually beneficial partnerships to create  visually stunning imagery of a certain destination or any adventure/cultural events, etc. You can check out some of my photo stories and my work here.

Content Creation:

Having worked as a communications consultant for the last 5 years now, I have developed a knack and love for creating content- right from white papers, bylines, website content, essays, newsletters. If you think, there’s something you want to create for your brand, I’m all ears.

Please email me your requirements at My charges depend on the scope, duration and commitment of the project.

Recent partnerships include:

Taiwan Tourism Board, India

Hong Kong Tourism Board


Gujarat Tourism Board





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