Bali- a 5 sense experience

There is no other place like Bali. Beautiful beaches, tranquility, cultural awakening, the people indulge in simple pleasures, while the land reels in pompous extravaganza of great beaches, countless beautiful waves for surfing, wonderful temples, colorful traditions. Visiting Bali really opens up all your senses and organs. Every element of the land constitutes of both physical and spiritual well-being,  a holistic treat for the soul to rejuvenate and reach the ‘inner peace’ within. Here’s how are senses erupted with joy:

  • Sight:Scientific experts and researchers agree that images and colors affect one’s moods, feelings and temperament. The beautiful landscapes, enriched with nature’s riches delighted our eyes and help us realize how beautiful our world is.

sea, Bali, Ubud, Seminyak, feet on the map


Bali is a photographer’s paradise. No photographer needs any photo editing software. The nature holds a delight for every set of eyes.

  • Taste: Engrossed in our routine lives, we tend to take a few things granted in our lives. At home, it can be quite difficult to appreciate the food that is easily served on the palette. How easy it is to critique your mom’s food! Bali has a lesson in store for every foodie, particularly the vegetarians! In Bali, after a long city tour, we ended up in Jimbaran (A hell for vegetarians!) We were roaming the streets of Jimbaran, nearly for an hour, searching for Vegetarian restaurant. At last, we blocked a table at Warung Italia- to hog on Eggplant Pizza! Yikes! Right? Nah.. that day it tasted like the food in heaven!


The delicious ‘Eggplant pizza’

  • Touch and smell: In most of the cases, our senses don’t work in seclusion. In fact, they work in tandem with the other senses. Bali, reminded us of it, one more time. It was time for us to experience the Balinese spa and massage. The traditional Balinese massage and body treatments are performed using natural products. The ‘essential oils’ used don’t only stroke your aroma cells but also help in stress healing. The rhythmic hand movements of the masseur enhance the physical and psychological well-being through relaxation and stimulation.

bali massage, spa, seminyak, feet on the map

 Ah…the smells…

Sound: Amongst all the senses, I think Bali awakened by sound cells to the core. Out of all the amazing sounds I heard (Off course, I’m not talking about the birds chirping here!), three sounds, specifically piqued my interest. On one hand, the sounds of the deep blue oceans, on the other hand- the tinkling sounds of bells in every Balinese traditional dance and the raunchy sex clubs. Which one would you prefer.. it is upto you to decide 🙂




Now I know, why they say- “Don’t talk about heaven, if you have never been to Bali.” I guess I agree 😉


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