Luxury in the woods- A stay @WelcomHeritage

Continuing with my writings on my recent visit  to Pench Tiger Reserve [I know, it’s been a while now, though it just feels like yesterday! 😉 ] here’s a post that would talk about my luxurious experiences out in the woods.  Since, I have already written about my sightings here and my thoughts on how to plan a trip to one of the best tiger reserves in India there, I thought a post sharing my experiences at  WelcomHeritage’s Jungle Home Pench is long overdue. My trip to Pench, most probably wouldn’t have materialized if not for the invitation from these guys. So for that, I love these guys! 🙂

Over a period of two days, this Jungle home was my haven. While the second day was spent entirely in indulging the fresh forest air and meeting the wild inhabitants,  my first day was all about soaking in the surroundings of the Jungle home. Turquoise watered swimming pool, a wildlife library, a swarm of white ducks,  a vintage car, a wild green colored gypsy and a bunch of warm staffers to keep company, the weekend was spent in living the dream of eco-luxury in its truest sense. Here are some moments and postcards I managed to capture and would like to share with you!

Feet on the map, Pench, WelcomHeritage

The Pench Jungle Home , a property of WelcomHeritage.


Pench, Tiger WelcomHeritage

The WelcomHeritage, Pench entrance


Feet on the map, Pench, WelcomHeritage

Rooms with a ‘wild’ setting


dining artea

Panache- the dining area at the hotel



A beautiful lamp that gave an eerie feeling to the room we stayed in


Feet on the map, WelcomHeritage, Deepika

A vintage car stationed at the entrance


Roses, Feet on the map

Beautiful roses in the hotel lawns


Feet on the map, ducks

These curious little things gave us company all along


village kids

The village kids at Khawasa, the pottery village around Pench. Thanks to our hosts, we got a chance to meet these lovely and super cute kids!


pottery lessons

Taking a few pottery lessons at Khawasa


A special Note:  This trip into the wild was possible, on the invitation of WelcomHeritage, a joint venture between ITC Ltd and Jodhana Heritage that represents some of the best traditions of heritage hospitality and tourism in India. It offer’s over 40 exclusive heritage destinations, ranging from grand palaces to traditional havelis and magnificent forts; quiet nature resorts in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh & Goa. In Pench, we stayed at WelcomHeritage’s Jungle Home.

Have you been to Pench National Park yet? Did you experience anything beyond the wild?

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