Top 10 experiences in Sri Lanka (In Photos!)

It’s been been about 20 days since I am back from Sri Lanka and I still haven’t unpacked. I have been getting queries about our itinerary, where we stayed, our experiences in Sri Lanka, about the cuisine, culture, on and on goes the list. But there was one query, which put me sort of, actually off, was “Whether Sri Lanka is worth it?”  I have been sharing a lot of pictures and stories about my trip to Sri Lanka on Instagram and Facebook. But I thought, I would share 10 of my best experiences in Sri Lanka, here for you. Now, if these, don’t give you the itch to pack your bags, book your tickets and just leave, then I don’t know- what will! But as they say- the world stands on hope and I am going to be hopeful- that you will book yourself on the next flight to Sri Lanka!! 🙂

Landscapes like these


The foodie’s paradise


Have you seen so many colourful Tuktuks


You can’t get enough of these sunsets


Because luxury meets budget


The Ocean meets the sky


Because you get to become a kid in a train


Build your own sand castles


There’s green and then there’s more green, right in the city center


There is peace


So what are you thinking? Did I convince you? 😉

6 thoughts on “Top 10 experiences in Sri Lanka (In Photos!)

  1. These photos look amazing! Especially the breakfast, so yummy! I’ve never been to Sri Lanka, but now I’m thinking about it 🙂


  2. I love that there is a lot of green in the city center! That is always a huge plus for me as well as that breakfast,… yummy yummy. Anywhere with nature and fresh fruit I am in!


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